Getting 50,000 pop fans to scream for your brand
Sponsorship activation at live music events and festivals has been a successful brand building tool for almost two decades. Traditionally, brands put logos on online and offline pre-promotion, try to ‘own’ part of the event and create immersive experiential areas. This summer we set ourselves a challenge; to turn a traditional festival partnership on its head and get 50,000 pop fans to scream for soft drinks brand Vimto…    

Our FANATIC Planning and Insight Department looked at the power of pop music festivals as a unique opportunity for both mums and teens to gain social currency. Our fan insight told us that if we could just wrap the brands ‘Seriously Mixed up Fruit’ proposition into a piece of credible music entertainment we could take centre stage and be seen positively by both mums and teens; a massive challenge solved for the brand.   

So, this summer Vimto stepped out of the noise, plugged into the speakers and became the headline act.  Working with the Vimto team, Ear to the Ground created a new music artist inspired by the brands TV campaign and enigmatic artists like Deadmaus, Daft Punk and T.E.E.D.  We gave him a set of headphones, decks, a hypeman, dancers and a state of the art AV show. His name was DJ Vimtoad and he was a superstar DJ-ing (EDM) toad 

The finale was getting him to play before Ed Sheeran in front of 50,000 music fans at the Vimto Fusion Festival in Birmingham. As DJ Vimtoad finished his set of club bangers he took a selfie and asked the crowd to ‘make some noise’.  Everyone screamed and Vimto pandemonium ensued. Mission accomplished.

On site all activity was supported with branding, sampling and a seriously mixed up revolving dancefloor. Our content team captured footage across the shows to create branded idents shown live throughout the day on main stage screens. Established artists like Labrinth and Union J got in on the action by tweeting photo moments with the legendary DJ Vimtoad. The reach was huge with content being seen by over 17 million fans. 

The team at Ear to the Ground loved working on this project. The client gave them the license to do something that transcended a normal festival activation and re-invented the role that a brand can play in music. By creating DJ Vimtoad, credibility was boosted among teens and mums by creating an intense experience where the brand went from festival ‘partner’ to festival ‘performer’. Vimto is now the fastest growing squash and RTD brand in the UK with sales of their still drink increasing nationally by 16% and by 22% in the Midlands. The finale moment featuring 50,000 screaming pop fans became the epicentre of a campaign that was seen by millions making Vimto a headline act this summer.



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