F1 fans back in the driving seat

Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend, Jack Ward spoke to Sport Industry about the changing landscape of Formula One, as the impact of Liberty Media’s recent takeover begins to take shape. But what do these changes in ownership and broadcast models mean for the loyal fans of the sport?

We’re only a quarter of the way through the new season and it’s clear that change is afoot in Formula One. We’re already seeing a tasty rivalry shape up between two former world champions, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, and there’s a palpable buzz of new excitement that’s energising the sport. With two of the most talented drivers of their generation fighting it out for supremacy, everyone agrees that it’s already shaping up to be the most riveting season in years.

But it’s not just what’s happening on the track that’s shaking up F1: American company Liberty Media’s 100% buyout of the sport from old grandee Bernie Ecclestone means that every aspect of the way F1 is seen by fans is about to change. The old empire has fallen and the razzmatazz world of Liberty Media is already making huge changes to the sport…

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