Can Nitro Athletics change a sport?

Owen, head of Fan Intelligence at Ear to the Ground, discusses why he thinks 4th February 2017 was a turning point for athletics…


We’ve all read the articles, seen the news reports, and probably all come to a similar conclusion…athletics is broken.

Over the past few months, we’ve spoken to key influencers in the world of running and athletics, and what immediately became clear is that with all the well documented issues – from drugged athletes and corruption, to flawed officials & dodgy deals – athletics newest issue is now within its fan base.

Whilst an athletics audience tunes in on average every 1.7 years for their intense hit of outstanding performances, they are becoming increasingly disenchanted, disillusioned and unengaged with the sport.

So is Nitro Athletics the answer? This ‘novel’ approach to track and field competition was born out of a desire to stem dwindling interest in traditional one-day meetings in Australia. But could the re-presentation of a traditional sporting format achieve so much more than that?

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