Arena Activation Audit: How to use Arena Partnerships to connect with fans

This month we’ve been looking at how brands can get more from their Arena Partnerships.

Our Strategic Planning & Insight department Fanatic specialises in understanding fan behaviour by spending their time constantly talking to fans, tracking rituals, dress codes and language. The team has been commissioned to conduct a global fan research ‘Arena Activation Audit’ (F-AAA) investigating how the brands can use their Arena Partnerships to forge stronger relationships with fans.

We wanted to understand everything from tech innovation through to best global practice. For that reason we audited 43 Arena Partnerships from indoor arenas to sports stadiums, stretched across 6 continents in 16 countries – a combined capacities of 1.8 million.

After months of research we have built a four step programme that will help arena partners understand the full opportunity and how they can generate more value from their investments. We have looked specifically at global best practice, but also presented a UK industry snapshot, highlighted key on-site opportunities and future creative activation.

Our latest white paper ‘Fanatic – Arena Activation Audit’ looks at some of the areas how partners should be considering if they want to get more from their existing Arena Partnerships.


To read the white paper click here


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