UEFA needed an overarching campaign concept as part of the promotional build up to the 2014 UEFA Champions League final in Lisbon. The ‘Big Idea’ needed to act as a new platform to help partners, media, broadcasters and clubs get more out of the tournament and act as a focal point for a global fan base.


Fans felt that the tournament was exclusive and the stars of the game out of reach. We identified the iconic Trophy as the key asset to help fans ‘Get Closer’ and provide never before seen content for partners to use across all channels.


We created ‘Trophy Cam’ and rigged the trophy with state of the art mini-cams, travelling on an epic journey to the 2014 Lisbon final via Ho Chi Min City, Buenos Aires and key matches. The content provided a unique perspective, documenting fans’ reaction to seeing the trophy up close in unexpected and unannounced local environments around the world and behind the scenes.


UEFA needed a new promotional platform to help partners, media, broadcasters and clubs get more out of the tournament



We integrated all UEFA Champions League partners, providing bespoke edits for partner channels to generate wider stakeholder benefits. As an additional win, both Madrid finalists were given bespoke edits to push out in the week of the Final. In order to drive further engagement online, at the peak of the campaign we launched a mobile optimised site with a responsive design called ‘Trophy Selfie.’ The site allowed fans from around the world to interact with the trophy by uploading a photo that was reflected into a 3D replica of the trophy creating a ‘Trophie Selfie’ which could then be shared across all social media channels.


Our 17 video edits were viewed by 84+ million fans during the entire campaign on UEFA.com and achieved an unprecedented 12 million Facebook views and 750,000 likes. 

The UCL ‘Trophy Selfie’ app was used to create 25,000 selfies, generating 88,000 unique visits to www.UCLTrophySelfie.com and 210,000 Facebook likes.

During the period of the campaign, UEFA increased their Facebook followers from 11M to 30M. 

Trophy Cam was UEFA’s first overarching campaign concept to be created as part of their promotional build up to the final and the first time that a creative campaign idea had ever engaged so many disparate stakeholders. The platform proved that a ‘live branded content’ idea can have a huge impact on fans without relying on traditional media spend.


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