England Rugby wanted to drive audience engagement with their new campaign ‘Meet Your Inner Warrior’, aimed at encouraging more females to take up contact rugby in 2017, and boost online sign ups to England Rugby’s 100 Inner Warrior camps.


As an agency, we are driven by the belief that fan networks have the power to spread messages faster and more effectively than any other channel. Understanding that the ‘female fitness’ network is hugely driven by relatable and inspirational content, we built a strategy around digital fitness and cross fit influencers to motivate 18-35 year-old women in England and drive maximum engagement with the campaign.


We developed a creative theme that called for women to post a self portrait showcasing the face of their inner warrior. Using #InnerWarriorface, our chosen 35 digital fitness influencers supported the wider Inner Warrior campaign, whilst having the freedom to create their own content.

By championing their inner toughness and strength alongside their relatable and friendly personalities, we inspired women to sign up to England Rugby’s Inner Warrior campaign and participate in rugby taster sessions across clubs around England.


Over four weeks, the influencer-led campaign generated an overall reach of 1.3 million, garnering 30,997 social engagements and delivering 722 unique sign ups online against targets of 500,000, 15,000 and 500 respectively.

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