Nike wanted to get more love from their ‘Football Obsessed Teens’ audience and retain their No.1 spot in football through daring, large scale activations across the four boroughs of London, in line with their awe-inspiring TV ad and global 2014 World Cup campaign #RiskEverything.


We knew that, in London, street football is extremely territorial and characterised by borough rivalries. In order to create activations which were authentic to FOT’s, our planning and insight team Fanatic spent time speaking to young players across the city on their home turf, gaining key insights into each borough and uncovering the urban play rituals which defined street football in each area.


We used these insights to drive our creative idea: We hijacked high-profile rooftops across the four quarters of the capital and created unique caged pitches to host a completely authentic ‘Winner Stays’ youth tournament, driving a deep connection between fans and Nike Football at a grass roots level. Based on our fan insight, we chose four gritty, atmospheric locations in which to host the tournaments: the infamous Emirates stadium, overlooking the Olympic Park, high above Lewisham Shopping Centre and on top of Wembley Car Park in the West, where play took place the day after The FA Cup Final.

We created a platform to find the best team in the capital, encouraging players to #RiskEverything in creative and attacking four-aside games, dictated by urban ‘Winner Stays’ rules – the ultimate in gladiatorial four-aside urban football.


These live tournament experiences were enhanced with iconic branding, epic backdrops and DJ’s selected specifically for each area to create a lively, party atmosphere, culminating in the final at Phenomenal House. Capturing all this action from above, remotely controlled drone cams hovered above the rooftops, capturing live moments which FOT’s later shared across social media.


Hundreds of people turned up to watch 800 FOT’s #RiskEverything in these inspiring urban environments, creating the largest ever Nike UK football activation.

Over the course of the tournament, we successfully engaged with thousands of football fans and Nike’s huge audience, whilst facilitating exciting team play and creating memorable moments both on and off the pitch. At 1.1 million Facebook Likes #RiskEverything generated more buzz than any other football related pre-World Cup campaign.

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