UEFA needed a digital platform that would integrate with the wider get ‘Get Closer’ campaign and get fans to engage with the biggest game in club football: the Champions League Final.


Fans across the world visited our ‘Trophy Selfie’ web app at the UEFA Facebook page and upload a photo that would be reflected into a 3D replica of the trophy. The sharing element of Trophy Selfie enabled users to push their picture out across multiple social platforms including Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Trophy Selfie had a strong hook, a clear user journey, worked across multiple platforms and was translated into eleven languages.


The YouTube generation needed a quick and simple online mechanic that would allow them to express their love of the tournament.


It was a bespoke mobile-optimised build with responsive design to work on iOS, Android, Blackberry, desktop and across all screen resolutions. This was particularly important across the Facebook iOS in app browser, to ensure the site seamlessly functioned across all adaptations of the platform. The app was supported online with a social media toolkit that was designed to drive conversation and encourage organic sharing.


Trophy Selfie was used by 25,000 fans and was visited by 88,000 unique users (www.UCLTrophySelfie.com). The users and fan engagement generated an astounding 210,000 additional Facebook likes for UEFA’s Facebook page. Over a third (38%) of all site traffic was from fans creating selfies off the back of seeing their friend’s posts, proving that fan bases are powerful connected networks that are able to spread messages and inspire interaction. During the campaign period UEFA.com Facebook followers rose from 11M to 31M.

…an astounding 210,000 additional Facebook likes for UEFA’s Facebook page.



Trophy Selfie is a fantastic example of how engagement and interaction inspired by existing networks and conversation can lead to astounding results. It was a brilliantly quick, simple and cost effective way of creating a new digital platform to engage fans across the world.

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